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The Perfect team Yoni Salon & Lindsey Greene Boynton Beach, FL Salon Keratin Treatments, Hair Styling, Cutting, Coloring, Mens & Womens Hair care. Ask for Lindsey Greene

Lindsey Greene moved here from New Jersey in early 2016 and has been a great addition to Yoni Salon. She has been a hair stylist for more than 12 years. Her specialty is to tailor color for a personalized look and to apply highlights. Lindsey is also certified in Keratin treatments that will smooth coarse hair and give it a satin shine as well she loves and does an amazing job on updo’s for that special occasion or just a night on the town. As a true professional she takes pride in her work and loves to work on clients with long thick hair!

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Looking for a TRENDY HAIR STYLE Lindsey Greene is the RIGHT CHOOSE


Fall is on the way, which means you’ll finally come out of the hibernation that is your couch + endless Netflix binges + leggings, and actually go out on a Saturday night. And with that, you might even find the energy to kick off the fresh and much warmer season with a haircut. If you are into the idea of breathing new life into your look, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration in 2018.

From perms and bangs to long, blunt cuts, we rounded up 10 of the sexiest haircuts worth trying this spring. Keep scrolling to see a few of the looks that are still trending and a few new styles you’re bound to see everywhere this year.

If you are interested in short hair cutts, which were highlighted, by the great stylists and designers, we hasten to bring you good news: a new season opens for the women and opportunity to change not only the clothes, but also hairstyle.

What guidelines can be described here? Barber fashion will be presented as a mosaic of styles, each of which deserves your attention.

In 2016-2017, short hair cuts will be back at the top of the fashion parades. For women there will be 2 main options:

In 2018 short hair cuts will be like this: hair all over the head is cut to the same length. There will be long tanks, jagged bangs that will make fine hair. Modern tapering will help to emphasize the structure: sliding cut, pointing, point cut.

Hairstyle with short hair cutts fits naturally. Styling products are emphasizing line of hair and its texture. Please note that the color of ash blond in the new season is only matches for short-haired;

What about color? There will be no strong tendencies. If you see yourself with short hair cutts – please do it. You just need to remember that dark colors can make you older, so be careful.
You just need to be sure that short natural black hairstyle is that, what you really need. Do you know that short hairstyle may play trick on you: it can make you look like a little tomboy!

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